Our Mission:

Magnum, Inc. seeks to approach each project with the utmost integrity, highest quality workmanship, and an unmatched professionalism to ensure our clients’ peace of mind when choosing us for their general contracting, design-build, and construction management needs. Always ready to go the extra mile to turn over a successfully completed project, Magnum’s philosophy is that nothing beats experience, ingenuity, cooperation, and understanding in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.


Our Vision:

For nearly 50 years, Magnum, Inc. has excelled in providing the public sector of the Philadelphia area with construction services of the highest quality, while maintaining the family-owned roots upon which it was founded. It is the vision of this firm to expand beyond the public market and stand as the premier construction service provider in the region by emphasizing the unwavering quality of workmanship and client relations that brought Magnum to where it is today. The future of the construction industry is in your hands; let us build it together.


Our Values:

On the brink of its third generation of family ownership, Magnum, Inc. stresses that every employee, client, and consultant is treated like a part of the family that continues to strive so tirelessly for success in this industry, Through integrity and quality Magnum has built its reputation, but through understanding, cooperation, loyalty, and innovation this firm has maintained its excellence in providing construction services to the Philadelphia market, and indeed, to you.