"The Contractor Magnum, Inc. performed all work in a professional manner keeping the Owner and Management Team fully informed, while working closely with the end users (school staff). When faced with Owner Permit acquisitions issues, the Contractor offered and executed a plan to change the sequence of work that significantly reduced Delay and saved the Owner money and time.;I have no reservations in recommending Magnum, Inc. as a reputable, responsible contractor that will add value to any project."

Thomas Love, Project Manager, School District of Philadelphia

"In its work with the Ninth Council District on the Dorothy Emanuel Recreation Center, Magnum Inc. was instrumental in addressing the Districts needs and desires for the facility, always showing a willingness to hear the suggestions of local elected officials and the community, and to complete the design based on those suggestions. This collaboration and understanding helped to produce work of the highest quality and satisfaction, and set a standard for the quality of recreation centers in our area. "

Marian B. Tasco, Councilwoman, 9th District, City of Philadelphia

"RESOLVED, That State representative Cherelle L. Parker notes with admiration and pride the outstanding accomplishments achieved by Magnum, Inc., whose commitment to the community and construction services stands as a testament to what can be accomplished through hard work and determination."

Rep. Cherelle Parker, Pennsylvania State Representative, 200th Legislative District

"Your Superintendent, Mr. Nicholas Pileggi has once again shown diligence, a spirit of cooperation, and customer service philosophy that made this project a success…;Your project manager, Mr. Lou Schoppet, provided effective administrative management of the overall project ensuring material and acquisition management was timely. His representation has been nothing less than professional and we appreciate his cooperative attitude."

Richard Frattarelli, LT Col, Pennsylvania Air National Guard, Base Civil Engineer, Pennsylvania Air National Guard

"Your company and entire staff are commended for its spirit of cooperation, dedication and professionalism. The concentrated efforts placed on this project resulted in completion of the Relocation of Light Laboratories in Building 77L on time and in accordance with the customers intentions. Your performance definitely contributes to the Navy’s mission."

Steven C. Bukoski, LT, CEC, U.S. Navy, Project manager, U.S. Navy

"I have had the experience of working with Magnum Inc. on four projects. They have been excellent to work with in all aspects. Their project Managers and Superintendents were all very experienced and did a very thorough job both in the field and administratively. I strongly recommend them for any general construction project."

Joseph Bush, Director of Special Projects, County of Buck

"The overwhelming success of this Project is attributed to Magnums extra efforts in assisting with design issues and their ability to move beyond the short-comings of the documents. In addition to the consistent efforts to overcome design errors, the contractor took a role of Design Build in several of the critical tasks. Their workmanship and initiatives were noted by the school administration in the dedication of the new facility and appreciated by all levels of the School District management.;I recommend Magnum Inc., without out reservation or exceptions. The company has consistently added value to the work they were contracted to perform."

Thomas Love, Project Manager, School District of Philadelphia